Saturday, May 21, 2016

Back at Soane Museum and Red 164

Soane's Museum - Gift shop is on the left
Looking around what was Sir John Soane's central London home and workshop (and art collection and teaching institution) again  it's fair I think to say he was a collect perhaps even a hoarder, what he left to the nation though is something rather special.

Soane was not only a notable architect but also a cultured man who celebrated Shakespeare and collected Canaletto paintings.

Unusually by leverage of important  friends he was actually able to get a parliamentary act that protects the residence and keeps it as it was left pretty much in perpetuity - visiting again yesterday after what's probably about 18 months I was again excited to have the series of Hogarth pictures (A Rake's Progress) revealed and explained along with the parallels to one of Soane's own sons, George.

Soane (like Wren) has had a big influence on the London we know and inhabit - with The Bank of England being one of his 'signature' designs.

Soane also had a residence in Ealing (Now Pitzhanger Manor) hopefully when the renovations complete something of the man's achievements will be highlighted there too.
Soane's former Ealing residence is currently under renovation

There's some ironic Gothic touches and the maudlin nature of the man (particularly after the death of his wife) can be seen in some of the areas he personalised.

Among the items on show are many architectural details and the 'classroom' Soane  used to teach young architects their trade in is pretty much preserved  as it would have been in Sir John's day.

It's actually rather nice that the use of mobile Phones and Cameras is prohibited and visitors are required to use their eyes and senses to engage.

The museum has something over 100,000 visitors a year and the guides and staff are well versed in the stories and details - it's worth a visit.

Red 164

I suppose children would probably choose a red one (straw) above others

Not the final one

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