Saturday, April 30, 2016

(Yet) Another 'Picture of the week' and Red 185

As always so very gratifying to see my photo' published in the local paper - this time it's to publicise a local Pop-Up shop at 16 Bond Street, Ealing  as a taster for September's full blown BEAT Open Studio event across the borough.

I'm looking forward to my own personal involvement and working with others.

Here's the press item and the picture submitted (which is pretty much a picture of my picture BFF).
As it appeared.

A taste of what's available from BEAT participants 

So far the people I've met connected with Arts in Ealing have been really great so I think the whole community will warm to what's going on with the BEAT project- I gather that Thursday's preview at the gallery Pop-up was fun too.

Red 185

Potentially inviting for a meal?

A local Red restaurant (with a Polish menu).

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