Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Retail and Red 168

Fading fast
Adapt or die is pretty much the mantra for the UK's High Street retail businesses - and being able to see  the difference between a fad and a trend is key.

The new Woolies
Let's face it BHS is now history a brand that's lost it as spectacularly as this is unlikely to say the least to recover credibility in the completive environment  but other shops have already filled the whole - it was let's face it  a budget M&S  and Primark does that job far better now - much as Woolworth's sector has been taken over by Pound shops and Wilko (aka Wilkinson's) - interesting 2008 piece here.

Of course it's only with hindsight we can judge the decisions of the retailers - Morrison's made an error with their 'local' stores that cost them dearly- strangely M&S appear to have benefited from having a dual strategy with food keeping them afloat while Fashion has faded, the jury is still out on Argos and Sainsbury's collaboration.

And the old one as a reminder to retailers

Red 168

A smudge of chalk and you've got a glass of Red

I think you'll find the Pope is a Catholic

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