Monday, May 09, 2016

Election results and Red 176

I know that last Thursday was considered significant in testing the 'mood' of the UK electorate with results from all four corners of the country to be analysed but for me there's some things that can be inferred (if you've a mind to)  and some which are clear.
Some did

One: Labour won the London Mayoral vote - London is natural Labour territory and it's been more of a surprise that it has had a Tory at the helm for the last eight years - It'll be interesting to see how Sadiq Khan conducts his role, will he (hopefully) concentrate on London issues or will he use his prominence to promote an alternate Labour strategy and a bid for the party leadership?

A new Labour London Power base for Sadiq

Two: The Tories have done badly in Wales and Scotland (I know they're the opposition in Scotland now) - they (like Labour) are becoming less of a truly National party.

Three: without some realignment of the parties there's going to be a continuing battle for the 'centre' of UK politics - if the Lib Dems manage a rebuild there's some hope for a leftish Social Democratic coalition (but even this is hard to imagine without some accommodation with the SNP), if the EU referendum produces an 'OUT' vote, the 'left' of the Conservatives will struggle with a new Tory leadership that's philosophically closer to UKIP (but Scotland would remain an issue for this coalition too - but then perhaps this happens at the time of the ending of 'Union?').

These are of course my personal views and equally it could be people went out to vote who they thought would do the closest to what they wished and/or to show their contempt for one or more party - I know personally that the direction of  my vote is not assured until I'm at the polling station and I wonder how this last minute element plays out with an earlier postal vote?

Red 176

Commemorations are often written in (coded) red blood

Quite a message

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