Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hearing Inspiring Talks and Red 182

Living in a modern city has benefits that are about ideas and being amongst like-minded people, studies have shown that even with modern communication there's something about the proximity of ideas that leads to further advances (and it's been studied of course).

Design Museum at Shad, Thames
British Museum a great venue

In the next few weeks as well as starting a course where  major works at the National Gallery will be explained (I hope), I'm going to hear:

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner  at The British Museum  talking about Science as Revolution

Stuart Haygarth (at the Design Museum talking about his new book 'Strand')

and the former lead singer of Yello and artist Dieter Meier in conversation with Tom Hunter at The National Portrait Gallery    

Red 182

It's down hill from here - and this is a sort of rectangle in Red at Tate Britain

A Tate Britain detail -a Redtangle?

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