Monday, May 23, 2016

Dieter Meier talks and Red 162

The event at London's Prestigious NPG
When I got into the National Portrait Gallery's basement lecture theatre and heard Tom Hunter (the interviewer for the session) ask Dieter Meier (the interviewee) prior to the session if he was a Jungian? (the answer was not really) - I knew I was going to be party to a great conversation.

Dieter spoke about many thing including  what a big problem gambling had been for him as a young man and how he'd become a conceptual artist - making works about various things for example  a performance in New York where he counted items (it was about free will) and the occasion he bought Yes-ses and No-es (about the same number of each as well as an odd 'Ohio').

Good to see he's lost the ponytail.
Dieter spoke of his musical  collaboration with non-musician Boris Blank and that they are to perform again after about 35 years - the influence of the Yello project is a big one in the electronic and dance world, Dieter mentioned how their first record broke out via Black Music radio in the USA.

Dieter gives good quote (not necessarily his but .. - two I picked up on, one on not being religious but welcoming Jesus's instruction as a way into art to 'become as Children.. '

and the other he said was a lone climber's autobiography - The conquering of nothingness.

The man was a lesson in how to age gracefully and happily - he retains an interest in wine growing in Argentina and a new type of chocolate production but remains quintessentially a Swiss one off.

Red 162

Back in the natural-ish world for a red pomegranate

Eat lots of different colours they say

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