Thursday, May 05, 2016

Glass, Media and Red 180

A source of glass
On living in newish homes a regular find in the gardens is concrete and builders waste but since I've had an allotment I've been finding glass all the while.

I'm sure that it tells a story and here's a small sample of what I've picked out (below)

Seems that Glass is not so green as you might think takes a lot of energy to make it and it's around for ever (it doesn't decompose).

It goes on and on...

Media, It's not a New Day -and no friends Whittingdale 

I learn today that the latest UK national daily paper, New Day is to close tomorrow - I had my doubts but can't help thinking it deserves a longer try-out and if it took a little more of what the i has it could survive - perhaps we've just seen the last new paper launch.

Radio 4's media show feels like it gives you the inside view of what's going on - if that's the case hearing Chris (lord) Patten bad mouthing Whittingdale made me feel slightly sorry for the DCMS minister (only slightly) - shame Chris ran from the BBC as he did (I know there were health issues for him) - feels like the current chair is part of the problem rather than contributing to a real solution.

Red 180

Mind your (Red and Yellow) step

You hopefully won't miss the Red and Yellow Rhino SafeStep

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