Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The paperless office and Red 175

Where to file this one culture of gardening?

I'm making use of the wet weather  to attack some untidiness here the news is that 'The paperless office has not arrived (yet)' - with me anyway.

About 35 years ago I was involved in moving TV newsrooms from paper scripts to electronic terminals, around this time the word was coming from the USA that hot metal was pretty much dead, problems with Industrial relations in what was then Fleet street meant that papers continued to involve many 'craft' unions and it was after major show downs and lockouts  that newer technology was exploited.

For a while when I got my current scanner I did try and process all documents to the land of 0's and 1's but soon found that I had better things to do with my time.

I guess it might be the case for younger people that they are less worried that a crashed disc of broken computer will mean the loss of hours of work but I do still like at times to have a 'hard copy'  and why is it that errors can be so much more easily spotted when the item is printed?
The old home

Cycle Tours have International presence

A bike that's revolutionary
At the weekend I conducted another 'Volunteer highlights tour' of Cycle Revolution exhibition at The Design Museum I was delighted to greet a couple from Switzerland who confirmed Dieter Meier's status as a National treasure in his home country - be great to enjoy his dry wit next week at London's National Portrait Gallery.

Red 175

Red's not always appetising in food but cakes are able to get away with it.

Look at those raspberries

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