Friday, May 13, 2016

BBC 'Reform' and Red 172

Often we can substitute the word 'tinkering' or even just 'change' for reform....

I've a view that sometimes here in the UK  there's a bit too much government, we've got quite a number of career politicians  and when they're writing their CVs or seeking their next post they need to show what they've done, sadly what they've done isn't always right or better but they still need to do things.
BBC London HQ

A point here is that the BBC is in the 'news' - the public (or quite a number of them anyway) have been consulted and said largely that they're pretty happy with it (See Radio  Times input story and other sources like this one mentioned here) - but the Politicians (they're often not the biggest TV viewers and radio listeners) need to make some action - obviously what's needed is more political appointees and more oversight (strangely not what came out of the consultations).

While choice in many things is considered good by 'Liberals' of the economic kind the idea that we should have a choice between TV with adverts and TV without this is not so good.

I've seen some ideas that should the EU vote decide on the remain option this will have the opposite affect on our current DCMS minister - perhaps a vote swinger for some?
A former  BBC Dr Who in Trafalgar Square yesterday

Talking of the BBC on Radio (and iPlayer) there's a great series by at the moment brought to us by Martin Sixsmith  a former New Labour spin-master and the character played by Steve Coogan in the film Philomena)

The Radio programme, on BBC Radio 4 Extra  is called  In search of ourselves and it's actually a worthwhile 'taster' to the world of Psychology and the Mind  - not earth shattering but not the sort of thing that commercial broadcasters would probably touch with a fairly long bargepole.

Red 172

Back to a sort of nature - red flower against green.

A splash of colour

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