Monday, May 02, 2016

Down on the plot and Red 183

The greenhouse is being used in 2016
Days growing things are rarely wasted but I've had a disappointment with sweetcorn and am  hoping that it's not too late to recover from this.

The seedlings were doing fine sharing a seed tray until I transplanted them into individual pots.

Subsequently I've stated a fresh batch - fingers crossed

Tomatoes in their pots
Courgettes and  Pumpkins are now looking healthy, I've also got Aubergines and celery in seed trays in the house (for now)
A border for flowers

I've started taking seedlings from home to the greenhouse on plot 202 and delivered some peppers there today too.

Seed trays

Have decided that beetroot, cauliflower and some other brassicas deserve a head start and these are in seed trays too.

I'm keen to make my plot look tidy and even pretty this year - so border and edging are under maintenance - as can be seen.

As usual I feel I'm playing catchup preparing the ground for planting out immediately before transplanting.

Red 183

So this is the halfway point - not sure if I'm going to end up with tins of red paint (and using them on other objects), but here's a detail from a 20 year old T shirt of mine

I was there as was this shirt

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