Sunday, May 22, 2016

'Facts' in the EU debate and Red 163

The bunch of men shown were in a way pioneers in Europe-we all worked together at Euronews (European TV news channel) in Lyon France over 20 years ago.
Euronews Ecully in 'our day'

On Friday we had a mini- reunion and of course we put the world to rights, speaking a fair bit about politics and the world we inhabit - general consensus was I think to vote remain.

So I'm hearing two main things ahead of the UK's EU vote:

1) People are bored and not engaged - well all the people I've spoken with (for and against) are really engaged, admittedly my ex colleagues are a special bunch having spent some time living in France and part of a European co-operative.

2) They're not getting the facts - well there are some facts like how long it takes to leave and the end of membership  payments, but the main points are conjecture.

We don't know how things will pan out if we leave, most commentators agree there'll be some initial turbulence in the markets.
Formerly trailblazers now blazer wearers

The choice we make will be more about a trajectory for the future  and following people we believe.

Should you trust someone like Boris Johnson  who has failed to keep his word on more than one occasion (apparently he's already offering the position of Chancellor  to various MPs) or perhaps Iain Duncan Smith - new friend to the  the poor  who had problems with expenses and his  'University' career?

Oddly many people I speak to tie up Somalian refugees, asylum seekers  with EU membership and I think there is some confusion over the position of workers in the UK after a Brexit vote.

I've not decided a 100% on my own choice but I'm worried that those with most to lose will be damaged most by an exit, be it unemployment or limitations to their future.

Red 163

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