Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We get our 'Rubbish Bins' and Red 160

I don't know if  I've been in denial over the impending day that 'Wheelie bins' would arrive on our doorstep  but they're here now- they're not only an eyesore but there's an unpleasant noise emitted as they're moved around
They take up a lot of a small garden's space

I'm not a fan of this change to the refuse and waste collections largely because the bins look unattractive  in small city front gardens - and the way that the council has imposed the solution to what is a budget issue has felt very dictatorial.
They've arrived to help us ?

I even went as far as speaking to the Councilors in session (nearly a year ago) and at the time felt that there was no engagement with me or the many other residents who were against being forced to use these bins.

Where's my dinner?

Well at least we are able to hide our bins by the garage and don't need to have them in the front garden apart from on collection day.

I'm not sure that the new system will mean that substantially more waste will be recycled - big bins encourage us to throw things away.

Foxes have previously plundered the refuse bags for carcasses and other  food waste - I'm not sure if there will be any unintended consequences here.

Red 160

And on the subject of bins- here's an old red one..

A somewhat faded box

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