Saturday, April 23, 2016

Martin Parr at London Guildhall and Red 192

Martin Parr - A  great eye
Just last week I went around a Martin Parr curated exhibition at The Barbican, for just £1.00 more when buying the ticket I was  given an extra ticket for his own exhibition at The Guildhall Art Gallery and what a treat that was.

A sea of flags at Guildhall Square

Not just a great exhibition of photographs by Martin but some marvelous paintings and a viewing of what was once a Roman .

Here are just some of the pictures Martin has in display as part of  'Unseen City' (some of my favourites)

Household Cavalry Boots (2014)

This one really reminds me of the Manet painting on show at The Courtauld gallery A Bar at the Folies-Bergère
Preparations for The Lord Mayor's Banquet (2013) 

Our head of state.

Here are a couple of the paintings - some great artists represented including Canaletto - this is Collage type thing by Sir Peter Blake .

A work very much in Peter Blake's style commemorates 800 years of the Lord Mayor's show.

Big and bold

It's a smashing and under visited facility in the very heart of Town.

The archaeological remains of the amphitheatre are shown sympathetically and evoke the arena that once was.

[and this exhibition is Free]
The excavations revealed Roman Splendour

Tiered seating  gave views of the action

Red 192

Another logo

A company name that became a name for the vacuum cleaner

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