Thursday, April 07, 2016

Dicken's Yard and Red 208

Dicken's Yard is getting a more and more dominant feature at the centre of Ealing - some of it at street level doesn't (to me) look too bad but my personal feeling is that a pause in development is needed for residents to come to terms with this new feature - I'm not sure if the development to the East of Arcadia will be going ahead at full pace (there are objections) but this will certainly change the character in the heart of Ealing so a break first makes sense.

How things were about 18 months ago

And the 'view' taken from the same point  yesterday

At street level the Charlotte's W5 offers Al Fresco eating for brighter days:

Tables outside 'Charlotte's W5 bistro'
A View towards the development from Town Hall

The view across to Perceval House

Should we believe them?

Who knows if it's true but it looks like the new Cinema quarter development might be started soon:

Red 208

A bit of a design classic with this chair spotted at Design Museum.

Alessi Piana chair designed by David Chipperfield
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