Monday, April 18, 2016

Hampshire and Red 197

Don't get out of London all that much but trips to other UK towns reminds you that life is quite different away from major cities.
Woodfire  former garage  has an eclectic menu

We went to see Nick (my brother) in Andover and had a nice lunch out in nearby historic  Stockbridge - a smallish place that has so many places to eat, it was a big reminder of how much choice we enjoy these days.

Equally it did feel as though many of the people were of a senior variety and not the wealth generators those leading the country talk about.

A non injunction photo of a non celebrity three

Even out in the countryside these days we are able to lead quite a cosmopolitan life.

I don't know how the economy of the towns and cities around London (60 miles or so) keeps afloat but there does seem to be quite a bit of money in circulation and in many ways those out there are able to have a better quality of life - having said that the people who live out there as opposed to folks in the big cities do need a car to be able to participate in what's on offer out there.

A cracking DVD

We watched the Vivian Mayer documentary (finding Vivian ..) at the weekend, it perhaps unsurprisingly was incredibly sad but also a great mystery film and a chance to see glimpses of an America that's long gone.

Red 197

A former café in Ealing that was big on red

Maggie's - It went the way of red but is no more

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