Friday, April 15, 2016

Serpentine Part II and Red 200

Not Eastwood

The other exhibition 'Painting the Unseen' at the Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens features a littler celebrated Artist.

The show  is by the late  Hilma Af  Klint a Swedish woman artist who expressly prohibited the showing of some of her Abstract works until 20 years after her passing.
A quiet piece

Could be an album cover

There's a clear connection with other Abstract artists working at the same time like Kandinsky but  in Hilma's work but a relationship too to botanical representations.

Indeed like many in Artistic circles of the time Klint was keen on Theosophy and the spiritual.

It may be that part of the reason that Klint does not ring a cacophony of bells when her name is mentioned is that she was a female artist.

What I felt was that many of the pictures I saw would not have been out of place on 1970's progressive rock band albums and that many of them were impressive but not attention grabbing.

Early 20th Century works by Hilma

From a little known 70's rock band?

I'd say go and see this exhibition but if you're pressed for time and a little superficial you might enjoy the works currently at Serpentine Sackler more.

Red 200

Feels like this Flower is perhaps edging towards pink

A pinky red

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