Thursday, April 28, 2016

Technology and Red 187

Well sad to report I've not got anywhere with fixing my Canon Pixma printer and have ended up buying a new one the more photographically inclined and well reviewed Pixma ip8750.

At the PC world outlet slightly staggered to see a washing machine you can start from your mobile phone - it does feel (to me), sometimes like I'm living in the future.
Living in the future.

I guess the business model is a bit like men's razors where it's about selling the refills/blades rather than the printer/holder.

The deal was with all the discounts and cashbacks about £150 which for a printer that was launched at around £359 pretty amazing - like razors the striking feature is that as an analog of the blades thing it now has seven ink cartridges (these are of course the pricey bit).

[Why not try these people for your ink I am going to ?]

Out with the old
And in with the new

If there's someone in London who'd like some spares (and inks) for the Canon iX6550 do get in touch.

Red 187

Like a stick of rock or an early Maypole it's the red that stands out

Red, White and Yellow  like a piece of candy

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