Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art's around us, 16 Bond Street and Red 189

A detail of Ben Wilson's work
Bubble gum used to be a derisory term for the very accessible pop music of the 60's and 70's so I suppose if there was a term for the art work of Ben Wilson (on the Millennium Bridge) it could well be chewing gum art.

[It's very accessible and certainly popular with me.]

Having met the man and found out a little of this labour of love I can't avoid checking it out when I'm in the area of Tate Modern (example adjacent).

[It's a bit of a joy].

BEAT pop up

2 in the BEAT 'pop up'

I've got a good feeling about the BEAT art project that culminates in an Open Studio type situation across the borough (Ealing that is)  for two September weekends (those of 9-11 and  16-18).

The people organising it are really together and have even got a pop up shop going (Open daily until 11th May 1;00 - 5:00 pm daily).

It's located at 16 Bond Street, W5 and there are postcards for sale as well as free sweets for the kids - it's worth a visit.

[Oh yes there's one of my photo's there too.]

Red 189

And the winner is a roll of red tape (that we all want to cut through)..

Across the barrier or at the end of the race

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