Friday, April 08, 2016

Sowing ( and harvesting), Red 207

As always this time of year I should be busier than I am at the allotment some preparation has been made for sowing potatoes and onions .

Dug over and now Screaming out for potatoes

Also at home been Sowing Peas outside, as well as lettuces and Aubergines (inside).

Sweetcorn and tomatoes as well as courgettes are getting to the stage where they can spend some time outside getting acclimatised -  but peppers and aubergines  still have some way to go.

These are just some of the plants!

Who Likes Paying Tax?

Now there seems little doubt that David Cameron has not managed  his own families' involvement in the  Panama Tax story well but I do feel that many are being holier than though. 

In truth the tax on the £30,000 or so he's talking about is pretty minimal as a proportion of  the family wealth - both his and Sam's' family are not just rich they're seriously rich. David Cameron is not responsible for the seeming sensible (and legal) actions taken by his father with regard to minimising the tax payments made by him.

I know few people who think that the government is better at spending their money than they are - we all try and keep our money (or is it just me?) - problem is this feeds into an anti Cameron agenda, he's got very few friends in the press and day by day unity is drifting away from the good ship  Conservative party as he finds the distaste many of his so called 'colleagues' have for him . 

My analysis is that the price for this (and other poor decisions)  could be a disastrous harvest  for the UK and European economies.

[Note: Oh yes and just because many rich people have not been implicated in this particular leak does not mean that they too are not minimising their own tax bills.]

Red 207

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