Saturday, April 02, 2016

Buds, Mulch, Broad beans - something free and Red 213

In the fine weather (or at least when it's not raining) it's a pleasure for me to spend some time out in the fresh air leaning against a garden tool or making it look like I know what I'm doing.

I do tend to think a lot when I'm down there and there's generally someone to at least exchange a few words with.

Yesterday I observed many signs of (horticultural)  life in particular fruit trees budding.

I've put some home produced mulch around several of the trees (hoping that they're sufficiently neutral) - the idea is that the mulch helps the roots by maintain moisture.

I've planted some Broad beans out - they don't look great - which might mean that the pigeons don't feast on them - time will tell.
The broad beans could be a disappointment

Fruit trees in bud

Some mulch at tree bases

A freebie

A gift from me
I've got a few books and things I'm more than happy to pass on -the first is a book I've got two copies of - drop me an e-mail and I'll stick it in the post (UK only I'm afraid)

Red 213

Reds for fire and for the fire brigade

I've seen Fire

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