Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Planting potatoes by the score and Red 196

Part of the score.
Earlier on this week I was listening to Roxy Music's first and eponymously titled  LP my goodness it's great and I think would have sounded far out in 1972.

Wellone of the songs has lyrics that say 'planting potatoes by the score'  and that's what I was dong yesterday - Maris Pipers to be precise - not the most usual pop lyric is it?

{here's the song - live version}

Rhubarb to be picked soon?

Very pleasing to see the rhubarb doing so well to reminding me of the old joke - conversation between two country folk -
one remarks Rhubarb looks good
The grower replies:

I put  Horse manure on it.
The first person again:

I prefer custard with mine 
(boom boom)

Red 196

Red as a danger sign? I don't mean to worry you but that  £5.00 one might not be that great ..

It's a financial term too

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