Sunday, April 10, 2016

Religion, Mental health and the Internal voice along with Red 205

I've looked at clouds
I think many of us conduct dialogues within ourselves about things we might or might not so (or is it just me?) - Should I take this job or that job? or maybe Will I have the chocolate cake or a piece of fruit? Sometimes when we resist the temptation of the cake or an extra drink we feel we've done the right thing  or virtuous. (Internal Voice - Conscience)

Other people might  have 'voices' telling them that God wants them to give their lives to spreading his word or they should make some supreme sacrifice. (Internal Voice Religion)

Well that's all well and good  the problem comes when the voices ort instructions become intrusive and define who we are and can not be ignored - then we're in mental health territory. (Internal Voice Insanity)

How does it happen that such a small change or a different definition of what's going on within our mind/brain can define us

Odd isn't it?

Red 205

Iconic in films (think Wizard of Oz or The Red Shoes) this one in an Oxfam shop

A charitable shoe

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