Saturday, April 09, 2016

Religion-ish Unitarianism and Red 206

Often Church (particularly of 'England') figures seems to occupy a different plane from many of us.

Of course the current  story about the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is something that rings a bell with many people and his attitude to the revelation says much about the man.
Church as a place of 'Wonder'

There are many strands of religion and as we go down from some sort of Divine creator the divisions and subtleties become more nuanced oddly as in politics the small differences between Sects and strands can cause more friction than the big ones between major religions .

Although ostensibly raised as a Christian (C of E) for me religion has for most of my life been a closed book and I've sought arguments on occasion almost as a sport.

Of late I would say I am more tolerant of those with faith and am  finding the idea and the history of worship  of greater interest.

Looking at Philosophy there's an area that exists which covers much the same territory, personally not being aware of a personal revelation  the Charismatics, Catholics and Born Again varieties do not excite me but I'm drawn to the practical  (and rather utilitarian) in terms of The Salvation Army (A great programme Paul) , the Quakers (quite similar to the Unitarians ) and now the Unitarians.

From what I can see from my research so far is that Unitarians are outrageously free minded and welcoming  - followers believe (I think) that Jesus lived but do not necessarily hold with an idea of him being part of a holy trinity (i.e. he's not divine?) - so they're not Christians Per Se.

I might even visit a Unitarian Church service one of these days and see what a 'service' entails.

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