Thursday, April 21, 2016

Auras at 191 Uxbridge Road and Red 194

A picture's worth a 1,000 words
Saw this sign at a shop located at 191 Uxbridge Road (Mind, Body & Spirit) . West Ealing and my immediate reaction was Nonsense  (or as Prince  might say B**cks) -

Now having had a bit more  of a look it seems that there is some 'Scientific' basis for the idea of an Aura image  named after the man who pioneered it Kirlian Photography  (or this if you're more sceptical)- what good it actually does is perhaps more questionable - let me know if you've investigated or benefited.

Heathrow airport and Financial Services for London

And does the finance sector need a haircut too?
As the Zac versus Sadiq battle hots up - it's becoming clearer that London will be the area worst hit economically by 'Brexit' in this context I'm severely confused by the Goldsmith stance, Zac  backs UK leaving the EU.

If Goldsmith wants to do the best for Londoners suggest he goes and has a serious think about what Brexit will mean for the Financial Services Industry (and Tourism for that matter)  the big earners for the London economy as a whole would do better for being in the EU - I suppose the plus for his particular passion is that extra airport capacity would probably not be needed.

I fear that like Boris Zac is not concerned with working through the consequences of his knee jerk  instincts and does not have the courage to admit he got it wrong.

Red 194

A Red 'Logo' on Glass at the HQ in London

You don't have to be in the army to fight in the war

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