Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jazzers showing the spirit of '68 and Red 203

A few  interesting things to remark on as I saw the demonstration about the council cutbacks to this years  Ealing Jazz festival.
Dedicated Jazzers (perhaps)

First is to note that the direct approach is often overlooked in these days of Social media but the sheer presence on the Town Hall steps does indicate that people care beyond signing an online petition.

The second is that although I was only 10/11 at the time of near Revolution in 1968 it seems nearly 50 years on we've become almost indifferent to the state we live in - the cure for so many issues it seems is too buy something or have a drink  .

The other thing is how language evolves the 'marginalised' music as it enters the mainstream with its subversive names (Ragtime, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll and Hip-Hop) becomes sanitised and loses its fire.

Red 203

Well talking of political outrage - is this was the reaction to 21st century issues  should be ?

It's not a big campaign so far

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