Saturday, April 16, 2016

BBC Radio adaptation 'The Cry of the Owl' and Red 199

Been listening to a rather excellent adaptation of a favourite writer of mine she was consistently 'dark' over many years...
A Kensington Park view

The writer, Patricia Highsmith found early-ish fame as writer of Hitchcock adapted novel Strangers on a Train and the Radio 4 Extra 'aired' adaptation is 'The Cry of the Owl'- Highsmith was also the creator of the Talented Ripley character.

Highsmith I think  a writer who'd struggle with today's culture seems somewhat unlovable but perhaps it's something else (shyness)?

I found hearing her on an archived Desert Island Disc less than revealing I think there was a frostiness between the then host of the show (Roy Plomley) which  I reckon present interrogator Kirsty would have negotiated more effectively and perhaps would have  found more of the hidden person in what I'm somewhat surprised to credit as a much better show now (that's Desert Island Discs and it's got a great archive).

Red 199

Great to get 200 away from us and this Red in a Co-Op in London has echoes of Warhol

A pack-shot from a Royal line

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