Friday, April 29, 2016

Tate Britian takes on (some) Conceptual Art Red 186

A demanding exhibition
I think in hindsight that for some  exhibition visitors the idea of spending time at a viewing of 25 years of  British Conceptual Art might be an ask to far (a perhaps useful link) - but I really enjoyed my visit, sure there's something bordering on pretension there (and even in using the terms) still a cliché that fits is  'Fortune favours the Brave' - and the exhibition was a continuation of the education I'm seeking in how we can  answer What is  Art?

This visit was really enhanced by having another person to bounce off and make sure I was not just coasting but engaging and trying to consider the themes.

John (for it was he) was pleased by works that raised a smile for me some of the items on show were familiar  (Like godfather of YBAs  Ian Craig Martin's Oak Tree) but set against the point of no photography (why?) I was encouraged that we could take part of the show with us   (Roelof Louw's seminal work, Pyramid of Oranges.)
Should I put in on Ebay?

What I get often from such well curated shows is names and ideas to find out more on - here it was often about how philosophy and art became intertwined but also for the end of the period (late 70's) how art re-engaged and addressed some political and sociological issues.

One of many things I didn't know was how important Ealing was in this particular genre of art at this particular time- (and Coventry too).

Names that I brought out  to consider include: Stephen Willats  influential and productive at an early age (Ex - Ealing College).

Working in Photography - The late Keith Arnatt
Victor Bugin - who re-appropriated much from advertising.

I think my favourite work was that of Braco Dimitrijevic who made an ironic (as far as I'm concerned) piece called 'The Casual Passer-By I Met at ...'

I was also pleased to see many of the Richard Long works that were being shown.
 (about the landscape and walking).

As a footnote items that addressed how people lived which were on show have perhaps a connection with this year's Turner prize winner-Assemble.

If you've got a companion who'll indulge you do go along to work out what this and conceptual art is  about  (and then let me know).

{The Shepherd's pie was nice too}

Red 186

And also at Tate Britain some dancing (with a red touch)

perhaps not strictly..

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