Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another Uuniversity of West London Professorial lecture (Tourism), Scandal stories and Red 202

The UWL Ealing campus

I find the series of UWL Public Professorial lectures  really illuminating for a whole range of topics I'm either partially or totally ignorant on.

Yesterday the subject was one where I perhaps have a passing knowledge as the talk was around Air travel but with some economics/business (I've done the MBA thing).

What I got from Professor Papatheodorou was a very much a practical view of the interplay of the three elements that made up his Business Triangle and how important it is that the parts work harmoniously together (more here).
The Triangle model  (but no Kate O'Mara)

The three parts of the Triangle described  being Destination, Airport and the Airlines (Typically working on a budget model).

Having spent some in his home country of Greece working in this area of business  it was obvious that there were some frustrations in not seeing the relevant agreements on the Tourism side.
A very competent delivery by the Professor

Hearing about the importance of destination chimed with what I know of unsuccessful Airports in the UK (perhaps the UK's  Robin Hood Airport is an example) - with the best will in the world even if you make the flights almost free there's little point running regular services if no one wants to go there.

There were some good questions from the audience and Andreas cleverly avoided giving too much of a direct answer when quizzed about his view on the merits of Heathrow Airport expansion.

 As always the UWL were hospitable with coffee before and nibbles and wine after, I look forward to the next public lecture at the University.

Media Cohorts

Are clouds looming for the Gov't?

So the John Whittingdale MP story has finally appeared in the mainstream press not perhaps too much of a scandal but it adds to the feeling that we've got some serious judgement issues amongst our leaders and a real problem the way the Brexit debate is being framed.

Feels odd that this story now appearing in our Newspapers (and on TV)  but the Celebrity Couple in threesome scandal are still unnamed South of the border.

Red 202

As in it's no longer a Fire Station

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