Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kingston for shops and Red 191

Outside Bentall's centre
We're far from incessant shoppers for household goods and bits to put around the house but obviously every now and then things break down or need replacing.
Another guy on the fiddle

 Now if all things were equal we'd buy stuff on our doorstep - avoiding travelling and car parking charges but sadly Ealing no longer has departmental sores  or even a good selection of specialist shops (unless you want a cup of coffee).

As a result of these factors  we went yesterday to what is (for me) an acceptable shopping trip to Kingston a few miles away, spending around £400 which could have gone into businesses in our own locality.

One of those ubiquitous street statues - actually a good sign in some ways

Seems a shame and it's not just the shops that are better there - the place has an ambiance partly as a result of the geographical layout but also as a result of the general ambiance which most weekends includes a variety of street performers (and there are far fewer £1 shops, charity shops and empty units than in many areas of London).

Red 191

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again 'tools that are red can be easier to find' here's a household stapler (but outside the household).

To find it when needed is a bonus

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