Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work on London Grill (Northfields) continues and Red 195

Yesterday evening walking past the site I snapped the picture below.

The oddly neglected premises have been such a  mystery over the years my emotions were mixed on the soon to be  rehabilitation of the old Grill Bar on Ealing's Northfield Avenue

  So the work on the former London Grill is now in full swing

DCMS reappears once again as The Ministry of Fun

I suppose it might seem a touch 'old fashioned'  but when we look at our leaders, in the various ways their lives impinge on us, we do have as a sort of reflex action a desire to measure them on how they live up to their own stated aims.

While the recent revelations around the church leader Justin Welby have done him credit those around the current Culture Secretary of the UK government  John Whittingdale  have done him little but harm, fair to say that his private life is his private life but it appears there are questions about his judgement and the way he has conducted his professional life as an MP.

The primary concern for me is the level of honesty and competence he is showing in his role in reviewing the BBC, I would say it's fair that he's brought with him to his job quite a bit of baggage and this is perhaps colouring his analysis and leadership of this department - worse than his shenanigans is the misleading on the BBC review as reported by the Radio Times (not generally an overly political organ).

I'm not clear if the Prime-minister's complete backing is the usual reflex action but in light of the tensions between Pro EU (like the PM) and anti- EU (like John Whittingdale MP - who has some support from his constituents) I wonder if there's a thinly suppressed delight in his discomfiture.

Musing on this I suppose Whittingdale does not have too much to live up to in Cabinet, a PM who employs Andy Coulson and avoids disclosure of his financial position until the press pressure becomes overwhelming is only one example of the crowd he's sadly got himself associated with.

Red 195

Looking like a message from outer space what better wavelength for the aliens?

A sign from another planet

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