Monday, April 04, 2016

A secret club and Red 211

There was a change to my usual musings today, generally when I'm digging, weeding and the like on the allotment  I think about personal and family matters but my mind today was thinking about something else.
A good place to hide money?

The something else was the stuff of conspiracy blockbusters where the senior figures around the world collude to store away riches secretly - those people who put rules in place for all of  their citizens or make a good living through their seats at senior bodies turn out to be sending money away from prying 'official' agencies to avoid taxes and to 'process' money via Panama.

Digging and thinking

I read somewhere fairly recently that as you get more money (I think it was above £40,000 in the UK)  you don't actually become happier, you might become richer but once you're above a hygiene figure  (or more correctly the sum described by the Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory ) that covers all the stuff you need - food, a roof over your head,  holidays along with other day-to-day bits and pieces  then extra dosh makes little difference to happiness - it rang true for me - I guess it's not the case for those who are already rich though.

What is the point hiding money away?- surely if you've got it flaunt it or do something good with it - I almost feel sorry for people who need this 'secret squirrel money',  money that they are too embarrassed to go public with  or are unable to justify  having (or perhaps they're just tax dodgers) - and are Tax Dodgers who presumably have some money worse than Benefit Cheats (who generally don't)?

I expect the story is going to  provide some surprises and  I reckon a few politicians are looking nervously at what's happening in Iceland (and I don't mean the supermarket) today.

Well done to the reporters who've exposed the wrongdoing.

Freebie (3)

Your bookshelf needs it

As I've said I've got a few books and things I'm more than happy to pass on -the third is a book is I think pretty much that which should be thought of as a curio -  just the book to put amongst the usual suspects hinting at an interesting past - email me and I'll send it to you (in the UK).

Red 211

Well they call them red Onions

The world's not actually a great big one but we know what they meant.

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