Friday, January 15, 2016

Yet another (Gazette) Picture of the Week, early exhibition feedback plus Red 291

Today's Ealing Gazette
While I'm exhibiting (Questors Grapevine bar, Ealing -Evenings from 7:00 pm) it's timely to see another of my pictures published - it's a foxy one too (I hope my neighbour is not offended as the outbuilding is much more than just a 'shed'.

Nice to get early feedback  too - bar manager (who I guess has seen quite a few exhibitions)

"Your photos were looking good last night.  They’re all very well presented and you’ve obviously taken a lot of trouble." You have some nice photo’s hung up there! 

From another source I also got a..

You have some nice photo’s hung up there! 

I can take these comments (and critical ones too) so if you have feedback don't hold back.

Red 291

From 292's tube  you'll need this to go with it

Don't forget to pack it

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