Sunday, January 03, 2016

Vistaprint are Surprisng, 2 deaths and Red 303

I've ordered some business cards from Vistaprint - they were ordered before Christmas/New Year holidays and delivery anticipated at the end of December - as they're not here I e-mailed the company yesterday.
A bunch of cards

Very impressed with a positive response in less than 24 hours indicating not only will they look into the delay/non-delivery  but they will ship replacements and refund postage on my original order - seems that this is a company that wants to keep their customers - good for them.
Anti -advertising in action

Facebook -it's been a long time - no it hasn't

in the other hand I'm getting a bit irritated by Facebook- I'm not someone who lives and breathes on the site and they keep e-mailing me to let me know 'a lot has happened since I was there'  - in fact when I do log on after a day or two I find that pretty much nothing of any consequence has happened - I need to change my settings or send these  messages direct to 'spam'


When a live is over at what many of us consider a good age (what is this now 85 plus I guess?)  - there's reason to celebrate more than mourn.

Two such lives that have recently ended and the obituaries might be worth a look.

The first is George Clayton Johnston (86) who was involved with Logan's run and the first  episode  of  the Star Trek TV phenomenon  -what I like about him is that he was and remained a hippie (even before such a tribe was named).

The other is a best considered something of a dichotomy, an English born woman who became a leading figure in HK politics.
Elsie was known for fighting against the endemic corruption for the oppressed and against the colonialism she was born into Elsie Tu of  HK died recently at the age of 102 her achievements are remarkable.

Red 303

I'm not sure if a red gate is welcoming but here's one through which we can connect to 2016

Not rattling on its' hinges

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