Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 'ambitions' along with Red 304

Some 2016 aims

Having been prone to make resolutions before I think it's probably wiser to continue to try and continue with areas that (I think) need attention that I can do something about (however limited).

I do find it frustrating when people always expect others or government to do things for them - hopefully I'll take more responsibility myself this year and perhaps others will too.

Here's some ideas I have.

Let's face it the idea of less litter in 2016 seems a good one but if all of us picked up an item or two of rubbish (rather than just tut-tutting) then we'd be enjoying a better landscape and hopefully demonstrating that we're not too important to pick up a bit of rubbish

BBC and broadcasting

Broadcasting is changing and will continue to - the TV at Christmas is nothing like that of 20 years ago - mainly because of choice which due to a host of new channels new ways of watching/listening and catch-up means that we've got more than we can consume (like so much in life)

Some think that because our cultural minister was a fan of Motorhead his views might be worth something - I'm not sure - he's made a role for himself as the figure to dismantle large parts of the BBC - to benefit who I ask?
2016 hoping for: Less homeless and people needing to beg

The BBC (and for that matter Channel 4) are under threat, they're both far from perfect but as models of organisations that offer insightful content and are not motivated by a requirement to deliver shareholder profit, they are instructive alternatives to the PLC model.


The idea that it's the 'job' of others to look after us and our families is not only unrealistic it's undesirable.
Those of us who can  need to take responsibility for our health and even help others - blaming the government or food companies is not enough, it's for those of us who can to look after ourselves - fat people who choose to eat food that'll further increase their weight are surely responsible for their actions.

needs encouraging
And where Government could act.

to at least nudge us..

1) More (truly) affordable Housing - too many without adequate shelter - but what is affordable in London?

2) Cycling it's good for us all, let's make it safer and more fun.

Red 304

Plant pots outside an Ealing Café

Better than the grey one?

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