Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cycle Revolution- Design (and lack of) and Red 299

A  couple of Bicycles near Tower Bridge - tribe cargo
More Cycle Revolution for me yesterday- although less people around at the Design Museum that when I last 'toured' I had a nice group of people joining me at 3:00 pm very nice to learn about cycling in other countries - Chatting with a Belgian couple realise that as a nation they  are very keen on Cycling as a sport and a means of transport.

I'm really getting to know a bit more about Cycling as a means of carrying cargo and was pleased to see two riders not far from the Museum before I arrived there.

Away from the cycle tribes the designers experimenting and pushing new ideas in the Future Zone mean it's exciting too - some there are hybrids and some have 3 wheels.
GB3 an exciting bike in Future Zone

I like the Design Museum, cool people in a cool place I hope that they don't lose what they have when they relocate to Kensington this year.

Is there a Corbyn Plan?

There does seem to be something of a disconnect between many politicians and I know it sounds like I'm stretching it but 'reality'.

Why do I say this - well I saw Diane Abbott on Newsnight yesterday her idea that the interviewer Evan Davies  was in a Westminster bubble where she was in touch with the electorate just didn't ring true and certainly she gave the impression to be more consumed  by the internal manoeuvres of the party  than on winning power - I'm puzzled that intelligent people think they can win the centre ground (which most commentators believe they must do to win power) by alienating the modern British citizen.

I say is it another example of C**k up or is there a plan?

Red 299

Actually feels like a bit of a milestone to get below the 300 - here's a local shop where making the change is easy.

Does Red make it mightier?

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