Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Women artists at Saatchi and Red 294

Yesterday at Saatchi Gallery just by Sloane Square and a chance for early viewing of the Women Artist Exhibition called Champagne Life.

A quick sample of some of the artists follows

one of the stand out exhibitors for me was Julia Wachtel, here's her Champagne Life (2014)
A judgment on celebrity?

 And Sigrid Holmwood the British-Swedish artist - this one looking like it perhaps pays a homage  to Vincent Van Gogh? Sigrid uses some interesting colours and sources for her pigments.

The last Peasant-Painters peeling Potatoes 2007
The artist Jelenia Bulajic has created some fantastic studies of aging - big bold and glorying in the experience the models show

Julia Dault is an artist exploring 3 dimensional work and making a point of how she struggles with the materials - even giving a name check to assistants who help her.
three dimensional but no clues from the naming
Marie Angeletti goes for oblique naming too, and often features three images  - her work reflects modern practice amongst some artists referencing web images.
Needs some time to appreciate perhaps.

Mequitta Ahuja's work looks for more international influences.

Rhyme Sequence Wiggle Waggle (2012)
Stephanie Qualye's large clay sculptures offer mixtures of humans and animals in

Lion Man

I was fascinated by Alice Anderson's Gigantic work - scale seems a theme popular amongst artists and here you can get amongst it

Bound - it's made of wood and copper thread

Red 294

Red letter days are important ones

A Red letter day

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