Monday, January 11, 2016

More Prep and Cataloguing along with Red 295

A home for info'
Yesterday I popped down to Grapevine Bar at Questors Theatre Ealing for a chance to have a quick chat with probably the most patient bar manager I've met - as I'm new to setting up  (Thursday) I've bombarded him with questions and as well as being helpful he gives very quick and concise replies.

As I'd got some time I had a pint of Fullers Pride really good and probably one of the cheapest pints in West London
An area fort snacks

I've now got my comments book set up just a largish poster and hanging wire and I'll be ready for Thursday set up - need to look how to maximise my social media footprint to get the news out too.

Feedback here


Another thing I'm thinking about is becoming disciplined and adding descriptions/keywords of my photo's so I can search for things not sure if I need a database or if Picasa is enough - will start soon on this (tomorrow?)

Red 295

Spotted in a shop that's recently vacated red under white

Red revealed

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