Saturday, January 16, 2016

QR Codes, The Oxygen of Publicity and Red 290

Scan the Exhibition Code
The other night I caught a little of Dave Gorman's TV programme appropriately enough on the channel also called Dave.

Dave (the man) was talking rather disparagingly I thought about QR codes and this felt bad as I'd just implemented them on my photographic exhibition - in fact I've had good feedback on them so far and will check to see if they're doing the business while my exhibition runs.

[And I'm sure others have used them for this purpose but I've not seen it before- as far as I can recall]

Community noticeboard

I reckon that there's a limit to the amount of publicity that an exhibition such as mine will benefit from - OPEN Ealing have kindly promoted it (Thanks Mandie)   on their web-site, they've tweeted too  and I've left a couple of postcard promo's around.

As well as this on Friday I dropped off an A5 poster to the Ealing Town Hall and perhaps they'll put it out?

I've also posted the exhibition manifesto at the theatre bar so that's about enough

Nailing my colours to the wall at The Grapevine Bar.

Red 290

if all else fails Post Office can help..

In an earlier day invites and publicity would be hand delivered.

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