Saturday, January 23, 2016

Looking up in Ealing and Red 283

As Philosophy studies can help you think more 'critically', it's my belief that if you are helped to take an interest in the visual arts your life is enriched and you see things around you that you might not have previously noticed.

Here are a couple of things I've spotted in the last week or two...

This is a feature that looks good now and the are is a shared by the (Bruce Court residents W5-) I hope that remains so well maintained.
A Green wall on high, Underhill Gardens( just near Uxbridge Road W5)

A cartoon-ish look?

I suppose that branding is something we take for granted, so many messages, here Waitrose are retaining their typeface/style but have refreshed it so we're inclined to register it again.

Red 283

Anyone for coffee (as the old joke goes).

The fuel we seem to run on

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