Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Third Man, Ealing sunlight and Red 296

It's very easy to be seduced by modern cinema, the sound, the effects and the (often) epic chase sequences but even if some of  consider that the films released are better than ever there's a history that brought us to where we are.

Last week the entertaining Richard Ayoade fronted a Channel 4 Travel programme about Vienna and within it the admiration for ground breaking The Third Man was clear to see.

Having seen Ayoade taking a tour of Vienna's sewers I was reminded that we'd got a copy of the much celebrated film at that time unseen - last night that particular itch was dealt with and we watched the film, rapt.

If you've not seen The Third Man  I'd recommend it - the soundtrack, the cinematography and script are masterful and I'm reminded of how many layers graham Greene was able to work at in his writing.

[Interesting to learn that Guy Hamilton later a Director of James Bond films Body Doubled for Orson Welles in some of the film].

The Nib (as I like to call it)

Here it looks tall, almost touching the sky
( the top of the frame anyway)

Sunny in Ealing this morning and with less traffic took a couple of pictures of Ealing's own skyscraper ( officially The Arc I think)

A shot of The Arc with green bits

Red 296

Could be part of an Art 'installation' but it's internal to a restaurant

Associated with Sleaze and Red-light districts, here's some Red Neon in downtown Ealing

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