Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Visiting Photo Scratch/feedback and Red 287

A nice idea - peer feedback
In the days of vinyl there used to be a phrase - 'That difficult second album' - the idea was around having put out a record that had distilled over a reasonable period of time where each individual track had evolved and been revisited for maximum effect suddenly a load of new material was needed.
Walk this way

This second album was often rushed and had not had the valuable input that  playing the music live to an audience so often in comparison it failed to shine.

Yesterday fresh from exhibiting my own photo's (which I think deserve an apostrophe) I went to what I consider an interesting and potentially worthwhile forum for photographers who are in the stage where there putting together something prior to full-scale 'release' - it was called Photo Scratch (I can live without an apostrophe here).

The work for me was hard to judge because it wasn't finished, there was a lack of coherence to some ideas and layout and presentation are undoubtedly significant (as is context) - I was looking at this stuff in a Southwark basement on the coldest (London) day so far this winter.

We can argue about the 'Apostrophe' but Feedback is good

Ask anyone involved in marketing  large retail companies and I'll wager that you'll find what they want is market intelligence and information from their customers - the problem we (as individuals) often have is sensitivity we don't want to hurt peoples feelings and we don't want to have our feelings hurt.

The way I've sought feedback for my pictures was using a comments book and a web presence - but this is an easier option and I'm not having to make a big there the way some of the practitioners I looked at were - whatever I do next will likely be more difficult and even though it's risky for my ego I'll need input.

Red 287

The Ealing Sherpa, snapped yesterday morning as I walked down Gordon Road, I don't know if I'd have spotted this guy if he didn't have his red jacket on..

Climb this way

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