Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bowie, BBC and Red 279

Memories of Bowie

Watched the Blackstar Video yesterday imbued as it is with significance it made me think of Cousin (and Artrocker) Tom who undoubtedly introduced me to Bowie ( I guess 1972- ish) in Birmingham  -he was at the edgy side of Glam (Bowie not Tom)  at this time.
A view evocative perhaps  of 'Golden Years'

The fact that Young Americans paid homage to Lennon and The Beatles in such a big way helped cement him into my own personal cultural firmament and the odd Berlin albums were on my University days turntables in the late 70's.

Later too as I arrived in London and was delivered of a selection of LPs by courtesy of Tom (who was working at Our Price records in Charing Cross Road) and the Bowie's  Ashes to Ashes was amongst them along with some other 'gems'.

And then on to Let's Dance an unlikely fusion of Chic and Bowie (the last Bowie Vinyl I bought) - I suppose many of us in our 50s have Bowie as part of our musical soundtrack - and it'll remain.

There are (of course) rumours of another 'Album' waiting to be released

{Thanks Tom and Thanks David}

More on  BBC 'reforms'

Shocking to report that as the DCMS's Whittngdale's consultation is not getting the result he desires fresh methods will be used - despite moaning about the extra cost from people responding to the initial exercise I fear  more money will be  thrown at the 'problem' which will most likely be designed to reflect more of the views of non-supporters of the BBC.

As well as undermining the BBC (and Channel Four) many people in this successful  sector consider it damaging to the UK's creative industries - my advice if this worries you would be to lobby your MP , happy to say that mine, Stephen Pound (Ealing North) is on the case.

Red 279

This is not a flag it's a fridge magnet (German-ish I think)

It's been on our fridge (and the one before it) it's fading and it's not a flag

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