Monday, January 18, 2016

The fun of an exhibition and Red 288

What a great time I had yesterday - really enjoyed holding a 'viewing' of my exhibition 'Pictureofthe Week PLUS' at Questors grapevine Bar- thanks so much to those who came along as well as Nigel at The Questors for making them welcome and his ongoing assistance (and patience)  with putting on the display.
Turn left for the Grapevine Bar

What I got from showing and talking about the pictures were some incisive pointers- some about why the particular print 'worked' and also general chat which flowed from the ideas that came to mind.

If you're doing something similar would say Waitrose do a good line in prepared snacks/party food and you can't go wrong with M&S sausage rolls.
Most of the pictures are displayed along the long wall of the bar

I was fortunate  too with numbers around 20 people  attended (and there were 14 pictures), it was enough to allow time to show the pictures and for general conviviality - nice too that I've now got something in the comments book.

Red 288

and what works as a social lubricant at such occasions is available in Red (and white for that matter).

Looking strangely dominant and enjoyed by some primates

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