Monday, January 25, 2016

Catching up and Red 281

Yesterday lunchtime and it was nice to be able to, again  spend some more time talking to a people about my photographs on display at Ealing's Questors Theatre bar (The Grapevine).
Two of the 'sold' framed prints

Strangely having completed  reading the Austin Kleon book  (in 2 days!) which is about showing work (and your working)  there was a renewed resonance in the activity of describing the 'work'.

An example from the book which I really liked was that two seemingly identical pictures side by side where one is a copy (as in our digital lifestyles so much is) the copy has so little value compared with 'the original'.

Keloh makes the point around how we use narratives about what we own or participate well but I feel he does not wholly connect with the idea of authenticity- when I describe the activity in the making of a photography I'm hopefully describing something from within, something which is partly accident and partly 'labour' but it is not robotic.
A nice pizza
Arpan drinks 'No Logo' lager

After this activity and I had the chance to re-meet someone who I worked with at Discovery a few years back, he's visiting London (where he had studied)  from Thailand where he's working, his new employment is with a high tech company headquarter-ed in Enfield and he's here to learn the product/service - very good to catch up.

We both had a pretty fair Pizza at Franco Manca too (intrigued that now 'No logo' is a brand - I don't know how Naomi Klein deals with this irony).

Red 281

The Red Stripes is not just Jack White's band - here we can see it - why is it though red stripes and not white ones - what if the background was blue?

Not just a group

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