Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stuff at St Pauls and Red 275

St Paul -Christianity's golden boy
Last week in town and near St Paul's Cathedral saw the golden statue to St Paul and was struck that I knew little of the saint (how can I have picked up so little through years of School RE and even some Sunday School attendance?).

There seems to be little doubt about the existence of St. Paul  (which in turn perhaps emphasises that Jesus of Nazareth existed) and his work following conversion to evangelising the Christian message  -very illuminating  to be reminded of the Jewish roots of the Christian religion.

Also in the grounds is a very dramatic statue to Becket by Edward Bainbridge Copnall  - seems he was a sculptor in a family of artists that included his son who worked as a teacher and was an Abstract expressionist.

It seems that Becket is celebrated by both Catholics and Protestants and was sadly assassinated (perhaps mistakenly) on orders of Henry II.

Learning about St Paul and Becket is instructive in the effect of religious public works of art  - much as Stained glass and church frescos might have done in previous eras.

Becket with his head attached.

Red 275

Après Waitrose - former ACTT union man and broadcasting manager with a rather characteristic gait in his red jacket.

Let's shop

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