Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ted says relationships matter, a fresh lunch in Ealing and Red 297

If you're despairing of society I'd recommend a visit to Ted Talks on TV or the Web - so many positive messages coming from it you'd think rose colour spectacles had been made compulsory.

I took time to look at two talks this week both around relationships, the first coming from research garnered over 75 years as part of a Yale project - the great news is that what really matters is relationships not money or being clever (Phew!) - put in the work and you get a longer happier life and the community benefits too - Win-Win as they say.

So forget spending extra hours in the office or becoming a CEO of a listed company by the time your 32.

This project (as a result of when it was started I think) is skewed to be about men  the other friendship talk was for the girls and the talk featured was a discussion held with other Hollywood 'A' list-ers Tomlin and Fonda - seems that Women (perhaps not surprisingly) are more open and fearless with their friends and this reaps even greater benefits, the warmth between them is palpable  - perhaps men are moving this way too.. .


Walpole Park is near to Faanoo's

I was a bit surprised to find that Faanoo's is a chain (it's a short one just 3 at this time) of restaurants, the one in Ealing's Bond Street has been trading for a few years but our first visit today - nice friendly people, great value fresh food  and they even offer complimentary fresh fruit  after you've eaten.

First taste of K1 Persian beer too - nice taste (actually bottle said it was from Chiswick just down the block from Discovery where I used to work!).

Red 297

Hearts and blood mean red don't they?

A chain for our  hearts

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