Thursday, January 21, 2016

A lovely winter light along with Red 285

Yesterday on my way from Bermondsey underground station to Design Museum at Shad Thames to host two of my volunteer tours of Cycle Revolution I was severely struck with what a lovely winter's day it was - bright blue skies silhouetting naked trees - clear lines being given to the city landscape.
Shard as a symbol

A very blue sky

Some of the trees reminded me of pre geometric Mondrians and the iconic Shard feeling like an emblem of something positive.
Naked trees in the sun

Blue skies and wispy clouds

Then onto an exhibition rooted in it's locality at Anise Gallery - hope to get involved in something like this myself.

An exhibition about locals

A chance to consider and vote

OPEN Ealing -

Next week the current series of Nick Pearson's lectures on Art comes to a conclusion with Nick looking (objectively I'm sure) at his own work - last night we visited Pop Art practitioners in the USA and Europe - a great way for people to engage with art, which as all around them.

Thanks to Nick for mentioning my Photographic Exhibition and Mandie for posting on the OPEN website.

Red 285

One day I think we'll lose the Oxo cube, I think it'll be a sad day.

The Money Shot

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