Friday, January 22, 2016

Doodle, The Questors Village Bike opens and Red 284

If you're like me you've sometimes tried to get a bunch of people together and found the co-ordination of schedules and fixed events so  challenging that you've given up or accepted that some people just won't be there - when a group of ex BT people tried to make a social event one of our number used to kick it off with an excel to find a time that was the best fit.
An easy to accept screen presentation

Well it seems a clever person's got a fix for this that even goes beyond Excel and it's called Doodle (not to be confused with the totally different Doddle - I'm not sure if there's a diddle too) 

I've been invited to become part of a Doodle exercise and if it works I'll be rolling it out to a group of Ex-Cardiff students to help us agree a time/date for a social meal.

The Show must go on

And next week ..

The Studio Play this week
When I've been checking that my photographs have not fallen off the walls of The Grapevine Bar at Ealing  Questors Theatre, I've noticed that the number of visitors have been few.

Happily from tonight (22nd January) we've got a production of The Village Bike in The  Studio  and starting next week (29th January) there's a play in the main space (The Judi Dench Playhouse)  it's by Martin McDonagh's and called The Cripple of Inishmaan - so hopefully my 'show' will be getting some extra exposure - I'm going to be there Sunday lunchtime again so if anyone wants to chat about the pictures (or other things) I'm available.

As the song goes 'I'll be there for you'

Red 284

We've had items of clothing here before but this level of Red is a whole new ball game

A colour co-ordinated outfit

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