Tuesday, January 05, 2016

More exhibitionism and Red 301

Sorry to disappoint some but  when I talk here about exhibitionism I mean putting on a photographic exhibition.

An idea of how the initial section might look

Oddly having been concerned with the lack of business cards I'm now in a position where I have two sets as those sent by second class Royal Mail have arrived as well as VistaPrints replacements kindly expressed - these are shown in the brochure stand.
The brochure stand with cards
some other prints

Today I've been adding 'D' clips to some of my framed prints and looking at how I should hang the pictures - having looked on Youtube for advice on how to hang pictures with wire  and on a picture rail I found that the suggestion is that the clips should be about one third from the top.

The brass clip on smaller prints

The clips are about one third down the frame
As I'm learning something about how to put on an exhibition at low cost and for enjoyment rather than profit (but that would be nice too) - I've offered to a new outfit -The Institute of Other  the idea of putting on an event to reflect on the experience and perhaps workshop some ideas

The Institute of Other  looks like a rather exciting project  for 2016 and good luck to them regardless of  their response to my proposal.

Red 301

The poster for Tarantino's latest film relies on red to provide some impact in the promotion

The poster for Quentin's latest film, his eighth- could the background be anything but red?

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