Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The BBC's unintended consequences, Cheaper Petrol, OPEN's Link and Red 280

I was really delighted with my MP (Stephen Pound)'s response to my query about the results of the 'consultation around the future of the BBC, a good quick answer to my e-mail, the question raised with the DCMS and his confirmation of support for the much valued institution.
Let's not make the BBC a marginal institution

I see that there's now something of a campaign for the UK's over 75s to voluntarily pay the licence fee - I've no doubt that the idea which is being trumpeted by BBC boss Lord Hall and supported by many comfortably off seniors (like Melvyn Bragg) is being supported for the best of motives but I fear that it will add to the credibility of the idea that one should be able to choose to pay it and a voluntary funding system could work.

My solution would be  (and I guess it wouldn't be particularly popular politically) for such a scheme to be an 'opt out' (where you pay and may try if you meet criteria claim a refund) - or a hardship fund to support those who can't afford it (and don't forget that state pensions are continuing to have above inflation increases).

[I wonder if the prominence of the coverage in The Times  has anything to do with meetings between a certain Mr Murdoch and George Osborne?]

Low Petrol Prices helps Osborne

I don't often need to buy petrol and so it was a real exercise in nostalgia today to see petrol below the £1.00 a litre charge - not sure how good this is for the sustainability of the planet but it's helping the sustainability of the Tories in government.

Like the rest of us Politicians need to be  lucky and the drop in world oil prices is making it look like the Government knows what they're doing - I find myself effectively at least £10 better off than I would have been had prices remained as expected (let alone increase) and that money will go back in the UK economy - and help Osborne become the next PM (as things stand).
Thanks OPEN

OPEN Ealing

OPEN Ealing do great things in the Borough of Ealing am honoured and grateful for their support of my Exhibition - Thanks for the link!

Red 280

I really like this picture and it was taken yesterday as I walked home - a reminder for me to always (well nearly anyway) take your camera with you.

What on earth does it mean - is there a story?

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